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Portland Oregon is a creative hotbed for artists, photographers, and all kinds of creative types. Marshall Hall is no exception to this rule. Marshall likes to give a unique perspective on the city and surrounding suburbs by finding hard to reach locations and getting the perfect shot.

Marshall is currently selling his work on frameless, high quality glass prints. Continue reading below for more info.


Every piece is hand crafted and shipped with care. We’re not satisfied to merely create the best glass art prints, but are also committed to ensuring everything is done responsibly with carbon-neutral sustainability throughout the manufacturing process. Watch this video to see the full process.



They all start out as a piece of durable glass, cut and hand-prepared for each print size.


color ink

Ink is then sprayed directly onto the glass and instantly cured through our special UV process.


mount / backing

A lightweight and minimal mount is affixed to the glass print. This lets the print stand slightly off the wall and lends an additional layer of strength.


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Three Centerpointe #160
Lake Oswego, OR
(503) 579-1000

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